Established 2016 - A Proud New Zealand Company

The Cotton Pony Story

Based in the Hawkes Bay and the Waikato, the Cotton Pony was formed in 2016.   We wanted to make it easier for women of all ages and living in all areas of New Zealand to be able to never get caught out again.  

Living rurally and at least 40 km from the nearest town to purchase period products from, it came to our attention that rural women, girls at boarding schools and just busy people would often get caught out with having no period products.  And so The Cotton Pony began.

We started off with just offering subscriptions, we were the first business in New Zealand to offer the pick and mix system, which we are extremely proud of, we then were the first company in New Zealand to offer Pre Period Packs for girls who hadn't got or had just got their periods. 

WIth times changing, and women looking for more sustainable options, we paired up with Oi to offer their Oi Cups.  We choose Oi to stock as they are one of the safest cups to use.   

Our next step was period pants, we tried every single pair on the market and fell in love with WUKA Period Pants.  Not only did they outperform any other pant on the market, we loved the story behind them, their founder Ruby, and how green they had made their period pants.  Thanks Ruby for allowing us to become New Zealand's supplier of WUKA (Wake Up Kick Ass)

Our business is forever tweaking what we do to fit with the needs of New Zealand women, and we pride ourselves on the quality of not only our products but also our customer service.  

Thanks for supporting our little kiwi business.

Gwen and Trudy x

Meet Our Cotton Pony Team...

Trudy Hobson

With a background in Marketing Trudy is used to being behind the camera and not in front of it. Trudy along with Gwen and Peter started the Cotton Pony in 2016.  Living in a rural part of New Zealand really was a huge part of why we started the business.  This role is really  rewarding - helping make women of all ages lives just that bit easier through The Cotton Pony and the products that we offer.  

We are super proud to be aligned with the award winning WUKA Period Pants, they alone stand for the quality of products and service we deliver.  

Gwen Ashford

Gwen was a registered nurse and brings all the medical advice to the business.  From working in Maternity through to Hospital and Clinical experience, Gwens medical knowledge on how to make it easier for women to access products is invaluable.  Gwen is based in Hamilton and packages and deals with all subscriptions.

Gwen is extremely passionate about making sure girls of all ages know and understand period products as well as choosing the right product for them.  "I wish we had the variety of product back in my day", things have changed so much over time, and it is great to now see more sustainable options available. 

Pippa Hobson

Pippa is the chief stamper of bags, labeller, and number one at keeping Mum hydrated.Pippa is very excited to be apart of the business and one day hopes to take it over when she gets older.  

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