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Wuka Organic Bikini Heavy Flow

WUKA Heavy Flow



WUKA Ultimate™️ Bikini Heavy Flow period pants are your complete tampon and pad replacement. Wear them for up to 8 hours. You know your flow best. 

Holds at least 20 ml of period flow or light leaks / 4 tampons' worth.
Bikini style, flattering high cut leg, soft and comfy.

Ultimate™️ Collection - GOTs certified Organic Cotton. Our WUKA Ultimate™ collection undies are made from our most sustainable fabrics and constructed without compromise. Organic meaning the cotton was grown without chemical pesticides, chemical fertiliser and GM seeds.

Tried our Ultimate™️ Midi Brief or High Waist before? We recommend sizing up in our Ultimate™️ Bikini Briefs, as they come up a little smaller than our Tencel pants.

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