Pre Period Pack for first timers...

These packs are designed for girls that have not had their period yet, or are close to getting it. It offers a pack of sample products, covering brands - Oi Organic, U by Kotex, Tampax, Libra, and Carefree and Stayfree & Moxie.  

This takes all the hassle, stress and cost out of finding what will best suit your daughter.

We have two packs available:

Pad and Liner Only Pack or 

Tampon, Pad & Liner Pack.

Each pack comes with over 42 Sanitary products from New Zealand's most favourite brands.   Also included is: Purse Bag (to keep product in at school) Lip Balm, Scrunchies, Body Lotion, Body Wash, Chocolates, Tea, Hot Chocolate and more...

And you can now team them up with a pair of Wuka Period Pants and a Oi Girl Cup.

These packs cover a wide range of options, making it easier for your daughter and you. 

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