Pre Period Pack for first timers...

These packs are designed for girls that have not had their period yet, or are close to getting it. It offers a pack of sample products, covering brands - Oi Organic, U by Kotex, Tampax, Libra, and Carefree and Stayfree.

This takes all the hassle, stress and cost out of finding what will best suit your daughter.

These packs contain a range of, Pads, Liners and Tampons that are specifically designed for first time users.

If you would prefer no tampons in this pack just pop pads only into the delivery notes.  36 Products in each pack.

This is what you get in your Pre Period Pack: All this for $30.00 + (p&h) 

  • 2 x Oi Organic Slim Tampons
  • 2 x Oi Organic Regular Tampons with Applicator
  • 2 x Oi Organic Regular Pads
  • 2 x Oi Organic Liners
  • 2 x Libra Slimpons
  • 2 x Libra Regular Tampons with Applicator
  • 2 x Libra 2 in 1 Liners
  • 2 x Libra Ultra Thins with Wings Super Pads
  • 2 x Libra Goodnights Extra Long Pads
  • 2 x Carefree Barely There Liners
  • 2 x Carefree Procomfort Mini Tampons
  • 2 x Tampax Tampons with Applicator Regular
  • 2 x U by Kotex Sport Liners
  • 2 x U by Kotex Regular Ultrathin Pads with Wings
  • 2 x U by Kotex Mini Slim Tampons
  • 2 x U by Kotex Regular Tampons with Applicator
  • 2 x Stayfree Ultrathin Regular Pads
  • 2 x Stayfree Ultrathin Light Pads
  • Plus Gift
  • Plus Chocolates
  • Plus Tea/ Hot Chocolate
  • Purse Pouch Drawstring Bag 

All this for your teen for just $30

Tampon and Pad Pack

Pad Only Pack


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